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"You supported and guided me through some challenging issues and I feel over the moon with the outcome. Itʼs actually quite amazing that my current situation is everything I would have hoped for and wanted six months ago, but somewhere I was really struggling to get to on my own.

Through our three sessions youʼve given me clarity of thought, a huge amount of confidence in my own ability and been a valuable guide through some stressful and emotional times.

Thank you for helping me make some major decisions that have, and will continue to have, a big impact on both my career and family life."

Career Comeback Coaching

Maternity comeback coaching provides focussed, tailored support to employees during the transitions associated with maternity leave.


We believe comeback coaching is valuable in three broad ways:


Whatʼs interesting is that even the most gregarious and open coachees say there are some things they would prefer to address in 1:1 coaching time rather than a group workshop. Things such as:

We’ve developed and tested a few different ways of supporting maternity returners back to peak performance, based on what clients said they wanted. Here’s an overview of our best-selling 1:1 maternity comeback programmes.

Comeback 3

A three-session comeback coaching cycle concentrated around the time of return that includes access to, and debrief of, the realise2 strengths assessment tool. Suitable for maternity, paternity and sabbatical returners and other returning employees who have had an extended break. These one to one sessions are held face to face or by video conference in a comfortable location where focussed conversation and action-planning can flow freely. Some of our coachees prefer outdoor coaching sessions where we move through green space and fresh air and finish with tea/coffee and note-making back at the office or other suitable venue.

Where this coaching programme is for a maternity returner, we include a copy of Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on Guilt and Make a Smooth Return to Work by Jessica Chivers (Hay House, 2011) and a hard copy of our Manager’s Guide to Smooth Maternity Transitions.

For fees and a pithy overview of the Comeback 3, please be in touch.

Collaborative 7

A seven-session comeback coaching cycle that includes a session for the line manager of the maternity colleague and six 90 minute sessions for the coachee. The cycle begins before maternity leave with a face to face meeting of employee, line manager and coach where we identify KIT preferences, objectives and what appropriate support for making the transition back into the organisation would look, feel and sound like.

At least one session is taken whilst the coachee is on maternity leave and this includes access to a strengths profiling tool and debrief. The remaining four sessions are in place to support the coachee’s return to peak performance once back at work.

For fees and a pithy overview of the Collaborative 7, please be
in touch.

Are you a career breaker, maternity leaver/returner, HR/EDI practitioner or a line manager of a career breaker? Please see the pages tailored to you for practical tips and solutions.

At eBay Inc and PayPal, we have a strong point of view on Diversity which stems right from the top.

This includes investing in a pipeline of female talent and actively driving their career and development. Maternity Comeback Coaching is a valuable tool in driving the retention and engagement of our female talent while supporting them practically and emotionally in making the transition back to work and simply communicating they are "back in the game".

Priyanka Banerji-Bhatia, Head of HR, eBay Inc. and PayPal

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