Client View

"What a great response!

We ask delegates to ʻrateʼ the speakers for both content and style out of 5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being very poor. Your scores were 4.82 for content and 4.88 for style which are exceptionally high so thank you for that."

Nikki Campbell-Gumb, Member Initiatives Development Manager, Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales

Participant View

“I was looking forward to returning to work but was concerned about how people would feel about me now I’m a mum and have other priorities as well as work. Having come to the workshop I now feel able to go back confident and with a new perspective. The most useful parts for me were the discussions on how to deal with guilt and setting boundaries for work and home life.” Lucy W, Environmental Director

Comeback Community Workshops

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There are some elements of returning to work where a discussion with peers is valuable and participants are happy to talk about issues theyʼre facing, things theyʼve learned (if theyʼve been there and got the t-shirt) and brainstorm solutions.

Our signature Maternity Comeback Workshop blends three key elements of returning to work with space for participants to discuss their burning issues. It’s solution-focussed, practical and leaves employees prepared to get back to peak performance. Participants are each given a copy of Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on Guilt and Make a Smooth Return to Work to take away.   



Clients and sponsors of our workshops include Channel 4, Twinings, RuderFinn, Carillion, Enfield Council, Veolia and the Chartered Institute of Accountants England and Wales.

Other workshop titles:

These sessions are grounded in psychology and blend discussion with practical content that can be applied immediately. The emphasis is on participants taking charge of their situation and managing upwards and sideways to create good outcomes for them, their team and their family.

Film of Jo Hyde, HR Manager at Twinings on comeback workshops

If thereʼs something that catches your eye but needs tailoring, we can do that. Every organisation is different and we often survey potential participants to understand the issues and design sessions around those responses in conjunction with feedback from the HR/L&D team.

Each of the comeback community seminars last between 90 minutes and two hours. We encourage employers to hold one every 2-3 months and invite maternity leavers to join as part of their Keep In Touch (KIT) day allowance. One of these sessions blended with a team meeting, business update and line manager 1:1 makes for a robust KIT day.

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Participants View

"Great day on Thursday at the ICAEW. I really enjoyed the workshop and your positive 'challenging' of any negativity. I felt completely different when I had a meeting with my contact on Friday morning and had a very positive meeting with him which resulted in us agreeing to a small piece of part time work which will at least get me back in the groove of work."

Victoria T, returning chartered accountant.

"Jessica was very inspiring and led and incredibly useful session which made me feel much more confident about attempting to reenter the workplace."

"Brilliant! A really motivating and energising session which could easily have been a full afternoon and have been as useful and engaging." Carillion Future Women Leaders career development day participant in our seminar ʻHow to signal organisational commitment and still meet family needs.ʼ