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Are you Penalising Part-Time Employees?

1 March 2013 | 3 Comments

Flexible working practises are associated with a whole host of business benefits according to academic research. From the attraction and retention of top talent[i] to lower levels of stress[ii] and even the out-performance of teams who don’t use such practises, there really is a lot to recommend embracing them. In this month’s Talent Keeping news we’re shining a light on how to boost part-time employees’ performance and career prospects off the back of new research which explored the effect of … Read More

Rocket Woman – Emily Watson, Part-Time Lawyer at Rayden Solicitors

26 November 2012 | 1 Comment
Picture of solicitor, Emily Watson

Studies of how men and women behave in the workplace suggest men are more likely to ask for what they want than women. Our Rocket Women posts shine a light on women who have asked for something in their professional life that has had a significant impact on their career. We hope they fuel your resolve to ask for what you need to get on. Head in Macbook in a Waterstones café writing a pitch for a maternity comeback coaching … Read More