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Involved fathers, committed professionals

22 October 2015 | Leave a comment

On a recent project for the Law Society of Scotland we heard some great examples of men doing their very best to be active fathers whilst still delivering commercial goals. Here are men in their own words reflecting on how to get off to a good start as a new father.  “Be involved, be upfront with clients, prioritise sleep.” “Your kids are only young once. If you don’t read to them or put them to bed now, you never will. And … Read More

Work life balance? No thanks.

18 September 2014 | 1 Comment

Next week marks the fifth ‘National Work Life Week’ in the UK. Jessica Chivers shares her opinion about that oft’ heard phrase ‘work life balance.’ Through my work I have the privilege of hearing other women’s aspirations, concerns and insights into the minutiae of what it takes to be at their best. One thing that comes up time and again is boundaries. Not the leylandii/neighbour dispute type, but the demarcations we use to ensure we spread our energy around a … Read More

Rocket Woman – Jessica Brookes, Communications Specialist at Avanade

21 December 2012 | Leave a comment

Studies of how men and women behave in the workplace suggest men are more likely to ask for what they want than women. Our Rocket Women posts shine a light on women who have asked for something in their professional life that has had a significant impact on their career. We hope they fuel your resolve to ask for what you need to get on. Jessica Brookes is the global analyst relations lead for Avanade and head of Avanade’s communications … Read More