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8 June 2017 | Leave a comment

Taken a career break from PR/Comms? Love to use your creative flair again? The Talent Keeper Specialists would like to meet you.


The Talent Keeper Specialists launched in 2012 and to date have worked with CIPR, Twinings, Boots, Ebay, Enfield Borough Council, Anglia Ruskin University, Veolia and The Law Society of Scotland amongst others. Although we’ve come this far without external communications help, we know with additional talent we’ll go further, faster.


What are we looking for and what can we give you?
The Talent Keeper Specialists are looking for someone who can dedicate 10-15 hours/month to PR and Communications. The right candidate will help us in determining the most impactful activities/scope of the role and the right hourly rate. We offer flexibility, home-working, school hours, and home-made cake when you come and work at our place (in St Albans) and are looking for someone on a self-employed basis rather than as an FTE employee.

This will be an interesting, enjoyable role for at least six months. Should we enjoy working together it could roll on and on and become a bigger deeper role. If it’s a shot of mind fodder you’re looking for before getting back into a bigger role we think this opportunity will boost your confidence and make a great proof point for future interviews. Or perhaps it’ll be a starting point for your freelancing career? Either way it’s a great stepping stone.

Why are we seeking someone who’s taken a break?
We believe once a proactive, creative, bright mind; always a proactive, creative, bright mind. We know you’ll have fresh ideas and be energised by the prospect of helping us build our brand given how close our mission is to your heart. We’re certain you’ll give us your absolute best to prove yourself to yourself.

Who’s our ideal candidate?
We’d love to meet people who have experience in B2B PR/Comms within or close to Hertfordshire. Familiarity with marketing to HR professionals or experience working with financial services or technology companies would be a bonus. We need a smart*, conscientious, self-starter who’s excited by the challenge of creating a big impact on a small budget.

* Your brain, not your clothes.

How do I apply?
We don’t want CVs or covering letters. We don’t even want to interview you. Instead we’d like to pick your brain over a cup of tea around our kitchen table, as part of a group of 4-5 other bright-minded PR/Comms career breakers. We’d like to tell you about the real business challenges we have and get your collective minds whirring on solutions. We think this will give you a good insight into what we do and whether you think you can help us. We’ll see you in action and get a feel for how we might work together. Even if the fit isn’t right for you, the session will be great for networking and could help you determine what your next career step should be.

If you’d like to join the session please send Jessica Chivers up to 300 words or 3 minutes of you talking to camera. Tell us what excites you about working with The Talent Keeper Specialists and what would get us excited about you! E-mail your intro to jc@talentkeepers.co.uk by Monday 19th June along with which of these three dates and times you can/can’t do for the “kitchen table heads together”.

  • Tuesday 27th June, 10am – 12 noon
  • Thursday 29th June, 10am – 12 noon
  • Wednesday 5th July, 10.30am – 12.30pm

What else is in it for you?
We want to select someone within a few weeks of the session (don’t panic, we understand school holidays and existing commitments) and our promise to everyone is to keep in touch with any relevant jobs we hear about in the PR/marketing/Comms space. We have connections with recruiters and lots of HR departments which is a great inroad for you. We also think the session itself will be fun and you never know where the connections you make may lead. This is all about collaboration, not competition.

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Role profile

We want to find someone who’s fired up about working with us. Someone who thinks this is a genuinely cool and enviable role, who believes in what we’re doing and wants to tell the world about us!

You’re the Comms expert so we want to shape the role with you. We think the following activities will be involved:

  • Creating a comms plan for the next 12 months
  • Identifying who the influential people are in our target markets
  • Identifying the media they consume and the events they attend
  • Making friends with target journalists (and making use of your contacts)
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing valuable content – blog posts, reports to attract subscribers to our newsletters
  • Producing e-newsletters
  • Designing targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Editing/repackaging existing content on talentkeepers.co.uk
  • Producing posts for LinkedIn
  • Identifying PR opportunities including industry events we should be at
  • Thinking up savvy ways to get noticed by HR directors
  • Thinking of things we haven’t thought of
  • Being confident to challenge the way we’ve been doing things
  • Suggesting new ways of doing things



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